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Audiologist in Charlottesville, VA

At Rivanna Hearing Center we realize that hearing is a gift and we must nurture it. Hearing opens us up to a world full of passion, possibility, and infinite variety. To revel in a child's laughter, the emotional vibrancy of music, leaves crunching underfoot, birds singing, paper rustling; the sounds of life are endless. Let us help you make sure you don't miss a moment of it.

“When you lose your vision, you lose contact with things. When you lose your hearing, you lose contact with people.” - Helen Keller

Hearing aid — Audiology in Charlottesville, VA


We Can Help You Find The Right Hearing Aid For Your Lifestyle

Long gone are the days of chunky hearing aids. Today's hearing aid technology is not only discreet but can also provide the clearest, most natural sound available. With our selection of hearing devices from the nations leading manufacturers we can help you find the right fit for your hearing needs.

We also actively participate in the prevention of hearing loss through the provision and fitting of hearing protective devices, consultation on the effects of noise on hearing, and consumer education.